AB Bands Training System

AB Band is always ready to help you work hard on hand fighting, positioning, timing, set-ups, penetration, changing levels and technique while gaining strength and endurance.  The system creates constant motion, while executing standing techniques against resistance of a AB Band.

Includes AB Training Band, Assist Strap and Training Video.


"I highly recommend AB Band as an excellent sport specific exercise system.  We used it with our team for the past two seasons and had the best performance ever."  - Dave Auble - Campbell University - 2x USA Olympian, 2x NCAA Champion.

"A great suppliment to your strength training regiment as well as your wrestling training workouts.  I find it to be a quick, sufficient and fun workout tool." - Ken Chertow - USA Olympian, 3x NCAA All American

"It increases motor muscle memory conductive to wrestling.  It is also a safe way for injured individuals to work their way back to hard wrestling."  - Shawn Charles - Fresno State University Coach - 4x All-American

"Builds muscle endurance and speed, a great attribute for wrestling...a wonderful anaerobic 'wrestling like' workout can be performed." - Sheldon Thomas - NCAA Champion

"Excellent source of refining one's technique...useful device for getting explosion off your shots." - TJ Hill - NCAA All-American, Junior World Champion

"Excellent for when you're traveling or need to devote extra time to all the basic movements in wrestling...It's the ideal partner." - Sara McMann - World and Olympic Medalist


AB Bands Training System
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