Adidas Mat Wizard 4 - Red/Black - YOUTH

The Mat Wizard is an universal wrestling shoe for all wrestlers who want to attack quickly on the mat but also have enough traction for the right grip. Super grip outsole and a lightweight upper give you a reliable foothold and enough flexibility at the same time.

• Open Mesh Upper:  The breathable upper material combines wearing comfort and stability.

• Anatomical Shaped Tongue

• Heel Tapes:  provided with improved fit and rearfoot.

• V-Shape Foils:  The additional abrasion resistant TPU tapes protect the forefoot and toe area while bringing support and forefoot integrity.

• Triaxiel Structured Outsole: The new outsole structure provides groundbreaking grip.

• Drive Zones:  Medial and lateral drive zones provide consistent surface contact and perfect grip   on the mat even in extreme angles

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adidas mat wizard 4
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