Asics CaelĀ® V5.0 Wrestling Shoes - Electric Green/Black/White

Just like its predecessors, the new Cael V5.0 doesn't disappoint.  Weigh an ounce lighter than the previous version, the Cael V5.0 is one of the lightest and moste flexible updates in the history of the Cael franchise.  Not stopping there, the Cael V5.0 comes equipped with an air mesh quarter panel that provides exceptional breatability, and a newly designed outsole to provide enhanced traction on the mat.  The Cael V5.0  - the wrestlers wrestling shoe.


$59.95 - sizes 10 - 11

$49.95 - sizes 11.5 thru 13

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Asics Cael v5.0 Wrestling Shoes - Electric Green/White/Black
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  • Manufacturer: Asics
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